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Costumiers Ltd

TV Costume Hire for Police

Metropolitan Armed Police Uniform

Metropolitan Armed Police Uniform

Here is our version of the Uniform that is normally seen out side of No 10

We can either supply with Metropolitan or Greater London Badges or Just police

Uniform Consists of:

  • Police bobbies helmet and badge

  • White shirt and Black Tie

  • 3 x Epaulettes

  • Met issue Fleece with Constable name tape

  • Molle body armour with equipment and dummy X2 Taser

  • Dummy Sapura Sc20 Radio

  • Dummy Axon 3 Body worn video Camera

  • Trouser belt

  • Equipment belt with drop leg holster and lanyard for a Glock 17

  • Navy blue combats

  • Black combat Boots

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